One Dream Away Character – Rei

When making a new character for One Dream Away, I wanted to start with the main character of the ensemble and bridge out from there. There are a lot of story beats that I don’t want to give away during these character intro sections, so I am not going to explain the details, but we can talk a little about where they came from when brainstorming.

One of the first things I wanted to tackle was having a main character with a lot of personality. I say that, because there is a trend in modern rpg’s to not give the character any real personality, because they want you as the player to infuse your thoughts/emotions onto them. I find this to be a cop out used in olden days, but I do not feel it has as much of a place in modern RPG’s. There will always be exceptions, but in general, I want my main characters to be someone I can potentially relate to, not necessarily put myself into.

Let’s talk about design. You can see it in the sketches below, but from the very beginning I intended the main character to be missing both legs. There is a story element here which I won’t go into, but I think it is important for the main character to stand out and this was definitely an easy way to make that happen. In the early parts of the game, Rei will be one of the weaker characters and lack mobility. All of the characters will have personal tragedies and have character arcs throughout the game that deal with a growth in mindset or perspective.

Rei’s mother is a celebrity, as she was on the original team to head into space and seek planets to terraform. I’ll talk about the world lore in another post, but for now it is important to understand that she comes from a notorious mother and is unable to follow in her footsteps. For her mother has a super power of speed, but without legs, Rei is unable to follow in her footsteps, literally.


Here are some of the initial sketches for the character.

I’m not my mother, nor do I ever intend to be.”

Rei Dawn

Please let me know your thoughts! I hope you are as excited as I am to see her story play out in an all new RPG.



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